Research on Capitol Hill

The Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Government Relations and the Office of Undergraduate Research select students each year to exhibit their work via posters to Utah State legislators. This event demonstrates the importance of undergraduate research and creative work from the top two research universities in this state: University of Utah and Utah State University.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Utah State Capitol Building


To be eligible to apply for participation, you must:

  • Be a currently-matriculated and enrolled University of Utah undergraduate student
  • Have graduated from a high school in Utah (suggested)
  • Be working with a University of Utah faculty mentor on research or creative work
  • Commit to attend the entire event in addition to mandatory meetings prior to the event
  • Has not previously participated in this event.


Complete the online SUBMISSION FORM and submit an abstract of 300 words describing the research or creative work. 

Submission Deadline: December 10, 2018

apply HERE


The Office of Undergraduate Research will assist accepted students with the production of their posters as necessary. This includes layout, proofing, printing, mounting and transporting of posters to the Utah State Capitol Rotunda.

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Congratulations to the University of Utah
Research on Capitol Hill Presenters!

Alex Anderson (Prof. Elizabeth Tenney) – The Effects of Amplification in the Workplace

Clayton Booth (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Oral Health Programs for Uninsured Free Clinic Patients

 Griffin Durupt (Prof. Simon Fisher) – Increased insulin action in brain regulates counterregulatory response to hypoglycemia in diabetic rats

 Kelli Hafer (Prof. Kent Bachus) – Negative Pressure Increases Blood Vessel Density around Percutaneous Devices

 Leilah Harouni (Prof. Elizabeth Tenney) – The Effects of Amplification in the Workplace

 Jordin Hartley (Prof. Jennifer Watt) – Reconstructing a Fire History Record and Disturbance Patterns for a High Elevation Site in the Northern Rocky Mountains

 Brad Hauck (Prof. David Symons) – Can exercise training limit endothelial dysfunction in aged mice by preserving vascular autophagy?

 Robin Jenson (Prof. Lindsay Gezinski) – Sex Trafficking: The Invisible Neoliberal Motivation of Modern Slavery

 Mitch Johansen (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Physical activity classes for refugees resettled in Utah

 Jordan Johnson (Prof. Frank Sachse) – Reliable imaging of cardiac conduction pathways during neonatal heart reconstruction surgery

 Merry Joseph (Prof. Jody Rosenblatt) – Asthmatic Bronchoconstriction Through Excessive Extrusion Damages Airway Epithelia

 Vasiliki Karahalios (Prof. Christine Jones) – Sleeping Beauty and Pre-Raphaelite Painting

 Asal Kareem (Prof. Andrew Anderson) – Quantification of Forefoot Motion during Activities of Daily Living

 Logan Kiefer (Prof. Taylor Sparks) – Temperature effects on the electrochromic optical transitions of variable tint goggles

 Zoe Kozlowski (Prof. Lori Gawron) – Assessing the Contraceptive Needs of Homeless Women in Salt Lake City

 Stuart Loertscher (Prof. Lucas Timmins) – Verification Study for a Finite Element Model of a Coronary Artery

 Raquel Maynez (Prof. Michael Shapiro) – Secretory Effects Of A Coding Mutation In The Gene Ndp

 Daniela McCroby (Prof. Katherine Supiano) – Distance-technology Delivered Grief Support Program- Perceived Quality and Satisfaction of Training Provided to Social Workers

 Hailey McLean (Prof. Sara Hart) – Healthcare Encounters of Formerly Homeless Individuals

 Michael Navidomskis (Prof. Jennifer Follstad Shah) – Isotopic Analysis of the Jordan River Nitrogen Cycle

 Sayro Paw (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Immigration stress among refugees resettled in Utah

 Luciana Salmi (Prof. Elisabeth Conradt) – Investigation of the Combined Effects of Social Support and Maternal Prenatal Mood on Newborn Neurobehavior.

 Hannah Samowitz (Prof. Monisha Pasupathi) – The effects of air pollution salience and place attachment on supporting an environmental organization

 Carly Shields (Prof. Marissa Diener) – Needs of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in Health Care Settings

 Avery Smith (Prof. Ling Zang) – Machine Learning Classification of Essential Oils

 Aaron Wallace (Prof. J. David Symons) – Can exercise training limit endothelial dysfunction in aged mice by preserving vascular autophagy?

Sama Alkilani (Prof. Shelley Minteer) – Water-soluble polymer-based redox flow batteries

Timothy Allen (Prof. Jordan Gerton) – Enhancing Super Resolution Microscopy with the Addition of a Phase Plate:
A Collection of Monte Carlo Simulations

Tyler Bean (Prof. John David Symons) – Exercise-training increases basal vascular autophagy to an extent that
improves arterial function.

Nicole Burnett (Prof. Ram Gouripeddi) – Enabling an Air Quality Exposome for Salt Lake Citizens

Robert Coffman (Prof. Russ Richardson) – The Effect of Acute Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter Air
Pollution on Arterial Stiffness in Older Adults

Nandini Deo (Prof. Molly Leecaster) – Use of Wireless Sensors to Understand Transmission of Healthcare Associated Infections

Sarmishta Diraviam Kannan (Prof. Kevin B. Jones) – The Role That Lysosomes and Autophagy Play in Alveolar Soft Parts Sarcoma, Clear Cell Sarcoma and Synovial Sarcoma

Natasha Eldredge (Prof. Heather Canary) – Interpreting Policy Implementation Practices for Services for Children with Autism

Shantae George (Prof. Heather Hayes) – Influence of Cognition in Implicit Motor Sequence Learning in persons with Stroke

Astin Goff (Prof. Alexa Doig) – The Cost of Responding to False Clinical Alarms in the Hospital Environment

Talon Harris (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Maliheh Fall 2016 Volunteer Focus Groups

Kathryn  Jones (Prof. Jennifer Heemstra) – Coupling qPCR to Split Aptamer Ligation for the Detection of Steroid Targets

Evelyn Kimbrough (Prof. Jennifer Heemstra) – Coupling qPCR to Split Aptamer Ligation for the Detection of Steroid Targets

Abigail Neal (Prof. Albert Park) – A Retrospective Study Examining the Effectiveness and Outcomes of Sedated and Non-Sedated Children Undergoing a Needle Aspiration for a Peritonsillar Abscess

Jennifer Nielsen (Prof. Adrienne Cachelin) – The Impact of Real Food Labeling on Student Food Choice Behaviors and Attitudes

Sarah Patterson (Prof. Danielle Endres) – Ute Nickname Research Project

Mu Pye (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Health, health literacy and healthcare utilization among Muslim women in Utah

Timothy Quah (Prof. Shelley Minteer) – Bioelectrocatalytic Oxidation of Cholesterol

Naveen Rathi (Prof. Bruce Gale) – Development of a Medical Device for Male Reproductive Issues:
Simulation to Experimentation and Back

Kai Sin (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Health, health literacy and healthcare utilization among Muslim women in Utah

Hannah Stinson (Prof. Brenda Bowen) – Aeolian Sediment Transport on the Bonneville Salt Flat

Mohan Sudabattula (Prof. Rebecca Utz) – Project Embrace: A Non-Profit Providing Sustainable Medical Materials to Rural Countries

Nicholas Thiros (Prof. Diego Fernandez) – Lead purification and isotope ratio analysis by quadruple ICP-MS

Shannon Weaver (Prof. Akiko  Kamimura) – Misunderstandings of type 1 and type 2 diabetes among uninsured primary care patients

Adam Whalen (Prof. Sara Yeo) – A Comparative Analysis on Attitudes Toward Drinking Water Quality between Utah and the Nation

Stephanie Yu (Prof. Elizabeth Tenney) – The Belief that Optimism Improves Performance (China)

Deanne Yugawa (Prof. Charles Murtaugh) – Maintenance of acinar cell differentiation prevents KRAS-driven pancreatic cancer initiation

Ashlee Burton (Prof. Leslie E. Sieburth) – Characterizing the Biochemical Requirements for the TRP Precursor of the bps Signal

Cynthia Chen (Prof. Catherine Mayes) – Examining the Use of Exoticism as Pedagogy in Schumann’s Album for the Young

Olivia Davidson (Prof. Tara Deans) – Dynamically Controlling Stem Cells Via Extrinsic Signals to Improve Platelet Transfusion Outcomes

Molly Davis (Prof. Lisa G. Aspinwall) – Reported change in attitudes and feelings following melanoma genetic testing among minors with familial risk of CDKN2A/p16 mutations

Byron Eng (Prof. John C. Lin) I- nvestigating Methane Emissions in the Salt Lake Valley: An Atmospheric Inverse Study

Aalia Fields (Prof. Seung-Hee Son ) – The Relationship Between Preschoolers’ Engagement in Book Reading and Executive Functioning Skills

Hunter Grayson (Prof. Rajesh Menon) – Three-Dimensional Lithography

Connor Healy (Prof. Tara Deans) – Targeted Apoptosis: Controlling Gene Expression in Engineered Tissues and Cells

Parker Holzer (Prof. Inese Ivans) – Chemical Compositions of Planet-Harboring Stars in M67

Julie Imig (Prof. Inese Ivans) – The Milky Way’s Neighbor: Chemical composition of ultra-faint dwarf galaxy Bo├Âtes I

Amanda Mahon Snyder (Prof. Craig Bryan) – Depression as a Moderator of Somatic Complaints and Functional Impairment in Military Personnel

Sara Mann (Prof. David Stenehjem) – Predictors of palliative chemotherapy utilization within last 30 days of life

Christie Morgan (Prof. Lindsay Gezinski) – Is There a Sex Trafficking Problem in Salt Lake County? Perceptions of Criminal Justice Professionals

Melissa Mossar (Prof. Nancy Allen) – Recruitment of ethnically diverse populations in diabetes research

Michael Papadakis (Prof. Maria Newton) – The Self-Importance of Moral Identity and Moral Self-Regulation in Collegiate Contact Sport Athletes

John Peterson (Prof. Howard Colman) – Epigenetic and signaling pathway regulation factors in the mesenchymal shift in GBM

Monica Scott (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) – Experiences of Immigrant Women Who Applied for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) self-petition: Analysis of Legal Affidavits

Cedric Shaskey (Prof. Keunhan Park) – Near-field Thermoreflectance Thermometry

Caroline Wang (Prof. Catherine Loc-Carrillo) – Treatment of Osteomyelitis Using Locally Administered Vancomycin in an In-vivo Rat Model

Jonathan Whitaker (Prof. Zvonimir Rakamaric) – Verification of C++ Programs

Keaton Wiley (Prof. Matthew Kieber-Emmons) – Designing a Catalyst for Water Oxidation

Matthew Wilkinson (Prof. Ryan Steele) – Renewable Energy Insights through Hydrogen Sulfide Oxidation

Derek Woodruff (Prof. Megan Williams) – Uncovering synaptic defects resulting from loss of the intellectual disability and autism-associated gene Kirrel3.

James Zhao (Prof. Lisa Joss-Moore) – Lung Setd8 mRNA Expression Peaks During Alveolar Formation in the Rat