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Office of Undergraduate Research Advisory Council

Encourages campus efforts of faculty members, departments, and colleges to incorporate undergraduate researchers into the research enterprise at the University of Utah; approve rewarding outstanding undergraduate research mentors and outstanding undergraduate research awardees; suggests and encourage procedures through which students may improve effectiveness of the undergraduate research processes; makes recommendations concerning undergraduate research awards for early explorations, Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR).

    • Founding Advisory Council Members will serve staggered roles - 2 and 3 years (founding members commence during the 2023 - 2024 academic year).
    • Beginning in 2025, all Advisory Council Members will serve 3 year terms.
    • In 2024, the Undergraduate Research Advisory Council was renamed through council vote as the Office of Undergraduate Research Advisory Council.
    • Vandana Ramachandran - David Eccles School of Business
    • Annie Fukushima - School for Cultural & Social Transformation
    • Akiko Kamimura - College of Social & Behavioral Science
    • Brenda Heaton - School of Dentistry
    • Sharlene Kiuhura - College of Education
    • Tara Deans - John and Marcia Price College of Engineering
    • Becky Zarate - College of Fine Arts
    • Sean Flynn - College of Health
    • J. David Symons - College of Health
    • Rachel Hayes-Harb - Honors College
    • Michael Middleton - College of Humanities
    • Jasmine Kirby - Library
    • Anne Marrow - Library¬†
    • Yan-Ting Shiu - College of Medicine
    • Lauri Linder - College of Nursing
    • Chris Reilly - College of Pharmacy
    • Allison O'Connor - College of Social Work
    • Cassie Slattery - College of Science
    • Jakob Jensen - VPR's Office