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Research On Capitol Hill (ROCH)

The Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Government Relations and the Office of Undergraduate Research select students each year to exhibit their work via posters to Utah State legislators. Research on Capitol Hill (ROCH) demonstrates the importance of undergraduate research and creative work from the top two research universities in this state: University of Utah and Utah State University. Special thanks to the Office of the President, Office of Government and Relations, the Office of the Vice President for Research for their ongoing collaborations with OUR!

January 18, 2024
State Capitol Rotunda


2024 Media Coverage: Deseret News, KSL News, @THEU, @THEU, @THEU

Three-Dimensional Construction of Coronary Vasculature Geometries by Aksel Anderson
Faculty Mentor: Rob MacLeod, Engineering. Senator Jen Plumb and Representative Brian S. King.
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Identifying the source of Utah's invasive fox squirrel (S. niger) through population genetics by Noah Armstrong
Faculty Mentor: Denise Dearing, Science. Senator Luz Escamilla and David P. Hinkins. Representatives Sandra Hollins and Christine F. Watkins.
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Implementation and Testing of a Hydrogel Micro Electrode Array by Sanjana Aujla
Faculty Mentor: Simon Binder, Engineering. Senator Lincoln Fillmore and Representative Jordan D Teuscher
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Investigating Neuronal Networks of Learning in Drosophila Melanogaster by Dua Azhar
Faculty Mentor: Sophie Caron, Science. Senator Daniel McCay and Representative Jeffrey D. Stenquist
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Fetal Macrophages Produce Interleukin-7 in the Developing Hematopoietic Niche by Daniel Barrera
Faculty Mentor: Anna Beaudin, Medicine. Senators Jerry W. Stevenson and Todd D. Weiler. Representatives Raymond P. Ward and Brad R. Wilson
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Safeguarding Against Infections: Transdermal Antiseptics in combination with Surgical Prep by Abbey Blair and Kiersten Gardner
Faculty Mentor: Dustin Williams, Medicine. Senators Ann Miller and Kathleen A. Riebe. Representatives Rosemary T. Lesser and Ken Ivory
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Rethinking Resilience: Testing Resilience in Drosophila Species by Sarah Crago
Faculty Mentor: Sophie Caron, Science. Senator Jerry W. Stevenson and Representative Brad R. Wilson
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Self-control of Adults with Type 1 Diabetes and Their Perceptions of Partner Support by Benjamin Creer
Faculty Mentor: Cynthia Berg, Social and Behavioral Science. Senator David P Hinkins and Representative Stephen L. Whyte
Download Poster
Probing the role of Nup50 in the DNA Damage Response by Cameron Davis
Faculty Mentor: Douglas Mackay, Medicine. Senator Lincoln Fillmore and Representative Cheryl K. Acton
Download Poster
Hydroclimate Variability Assessment of Migratory Birds at the Great Salt Lake by Zoe Exelbert
Faculty Mentor: Courtenay Strong, Mines & Earth Sciences. Senator Jen Plumb and Representative Joel Brisco
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Rapid Isolation of Protein Complexes from Cellular Lysates by Anna Gilstrap
Faculty Mentor: Peter Shen, Medicine. Senator Jen Plumb and Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost
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EMG Data Compression for Low-Power Wireless Communication by Joshua Gubler
Faculty Mentor: Connor Olsen, Engineering. Senator Stephanie Pitcher and Representative Carol Spackman Moss
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Behavioral Effects of Trauma Recruit Separate Populations of Ventral Hippocampal Neurons by Addison Hedges
Faculty Mentor: Moriel Zelikowsky, Medicine. Senator John D. Johnson and Representative Jason B. Kyle
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Using OpenSim to Model, Simulate, and Improve Gait Symmetry in Stroke Survivors by Logan Lancaster
Faculty Mentor: Haohan Zhang, Engineering. Senator J. Stuart Adams and Representative Stewart E. Barlow
Download Poster
The Intersection of Pediatric Autonomy, Conscientious Objection, and Civil Disobedience in Healthcare by Kalista Leggett and Pierce Christoffersen
Faculty Mentor: Matt Hager, Humanities. Senators Wayne A Harper and Ronald M. Winterton. Representatives James A. Dunnigan and Mike L. Kohler
Download Poster
Acoustic guitar as hands-on pedagogical demonstration of wave mechanics by Alexander Lott
Faculty Mentor: Andrey Rogachev, Science. Senator David P. Hinkins and Representative Phil Lyman
Download Poster
Advancing Breast Cancer Screening: A Proposal for Microwave Imaging with SSTDR Technology by Sam Makin
Faculty Mentor: Cynthia Furse, Engineering. Senator J. Stuart Adams and John D. Johnson. Representatives Stewart E. Barlow and Ryan D. Wilcox
Download Poster
One Step Protein Purification via the Type 3 Secretion System in Salmonella by Carl Ty Mellor
Faculty Mentor: Fabienne Chevance, Science. Senator Derrin R. Owens and Representative Carl R. Albrecht
Download Poster
Electrocatalytic Production of 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid from 2,5-Bis(Hydroxymethyl)Furan over Graphite Rod Electrodes by Delaney Miller
Faculty Mentor: Shelley Minteer, Science. Senator Evan J. Vickers and Representative Rex P. Shipp
Download Poster
Flu Induced Immune Responses Prevent Malarial Pulmonary Injury by Ritika Nayan
Faculty Mentor: Tracey Lamb, Science. Senator Jacob L Anderegg and Representative A. Cory Maloy
Download Poster
Visualizing DNA Double-Strand Break Repair Pathway Choice at High Resolution by Nathan Patchen
Faculty Mentor: Yang Liu, Medicine. Senator Jen Plumb and Representative Blake D. Moore
Download Poster
Art Beyond the Bars: The Value of Arts Programming in Correctional Settings by Brenda Payan Medina
Faculty Mentor: Andy Eisen, Education. Senator David P. Hinkins and Representative Christine F. Watkins
Download Poster
Understanding the Relationship Between Environmental Exposures and the Risk of Pediatric Obesity using Unsupervised Machine Learning by Catherine Petersen
Faculty Mentor: Ramkiran Gouripeddi, Medicine. Senator Todd D. Weiler and Representative Raymond P. Ward
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Murine Model of Hepatitis Delta Virus-Associated Salivary Gland Impairment by Alexander Romano
Faculty Mentor: Melodie Weller, Dentistry. Senator Ronald M. Winterton and Representative Mike L. Kohler
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Investigating the Role of Concurrent NF1 and BRAF Mutations in Melanoma by Lorelei Sole
Faculty Mentor: Sheri Holmen, Medicine. Senator Keith Grover and Representative Val L. Peterson
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  • To be eligible to Apply for ROCH participation, you must:

    • be a currently-matriculated and enrolled University of Utah undergraduate student
    • live in Utah
    • have graduated from a high school in Utah (preferred)
    • be working with a University of Utah faculty mentor on research or creative work
    • commit to attend ROCH at the State Capitol in addition to mandatory meetings prior to the day of ROCH
    • have not previously participated in ROCH


  • Complete the online APPLICATION FORM and submit an abstract of 300 words describing the research or creative work. Applications will open up in the fall semester. 25 students will be selected to participate.

    Submission Opens: October 1, 2024
    Submission Deadline: October 31, 2024

    Questions? Contact

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