Welcome to the IRB Lab!

In the fall 2022, the Office of Undergraduate Research will launch the IRB Lab in partnership with the University of Utah Institutional Review Board. The IRB Lab is a monthly open work work session space for students to receive peer-mentoring and staff support when applying for Institutional Review Board approval. 

Undergraduate Research Leader - IRB & Clinical Specialist

Gauri Garg

Virtual Office Hours:  

Undergraduate Research Leader - IRB & Clinical Research specialist

Gauri is a Junior in the Honors College, pursuing a major in Health, Society, & Policy with minors in chemistry and pediatric clinical research. She started undergraduate research in early 2020 in Dr. de Havenon's Lab studying the effects of diet and exercise on white matter hyperintensities. She has completed 2 semesters of UROP and presented her research in the UROP symposium in the spring of 2021. Gauri is still working in the de Havenon lab as well as continuing to branch into other areas of clinical research. She recently started research with the gastroenterology team at the University of Utah Health and will present at the American College of Gastroenterology in the fall. Continuing in this field, she will be interning at the National Institute of Health as a summer researcher under the leadership of the deputy chief of thoracic and GI Malignancies. She is also excited to start the pediatric clinical research minor at Primary Children's in the fall to get more clinical research experience. Gauri plans to apply to medical school in two years and will continue being a researcher throughout her medical career.