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Funding Fridays

Office of Undergraduate Research's Funding Fridays are a weekly workshop for undergraduate researchers applying for OUR funding (UROPSPURTravel & Small Grants and other opportunities).  This is a drop-in and work session space for students to get information about applying for opportunities.  

Drop-in to Funding Fridays


Every Friday during Summer Semester (May 17-August 1)
11:00AM - 12:00PM via Zoom

Please note: There will be no Funding Fridays on the following dates:

Friday, July 5 





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Who Should Attend?

Any undergraduate student interested in getting more information about OUR funding programs, are welcome to drop-in or come and hangout with us while you work on an application.

What to expect at Funding Fridays

OUR staff and peer-mentors will be present to answer any questions participants have about OUR funding applications. OUR team is encouraging, supportive, and have tons of useful information about applying for research opportunities at the U. 

What students are invited to bring

Any application materials you would like to go over - from outlines, to draft applications, questions about specific sections of an application, or questions about getting started 

Additional Resources

Funding Fridays foster academic spirit of peer-support. Peer-support is central to academia – and appears throughout our academic journeys: peer-review, academic discourse, and collegiality.  

Students are encouraged to still collaborate with and consult with their faculty mentors. Don’t have a faculty mentor? Schedule with OUR advising to learn more about how to find a faculty mentor.  

For support with writing (proofreading, syntax, grammar), students are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the Writing Center.