Research on Capitol Hill (ROCH)

The Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Government Relations and the Office of Undergraduate Research select students each year to exhibit their work via posters to Utah State legislators. ROCH demonstrates the importance of undergraduate research and creative work from the top two research universities in this state: University of Utah and Utah State University. 

February 8, 2022
@ the Utah state Capitol Building

Application Opens: October 1st
Deadline to Apply: October 31st 


To be eligible to Apply for ROCH participation, you must:

  • be a currently-matriculated and enrolled University of Utah undergraduate student
  • have graduated from a high school in Utah (preferred)
  • be working with a University of Utah faculty mentor on research or creative work
  • commit to attend ROCH at the State Capitol (Feb. 8) in addition to mandatory meetings prior to the day of ROCH
  • have not previously participated in ROCH


Complete the online SUBMISSION FORM and submit an abstract of 300 words describing the research or creative work. Applications will open up in the fall semester.

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Click on a name below to learn more about the research shared virtually with their legislators:

Oralia Aguilar - Oral Histories in the Era of COVID-19: The Utah Navajo and the Westside of Salt Lake City, Utah
Kylie Bethards - Analysis of AYA Cancer Patient Priority Symptoms Through Text Mining Software
Julia Case - Symmetric Electrochemical Cells in Nonaqueous Organic Redox Flow Batteries - Applications for Longevity Study
Tania Cervantes-Hernandez - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence and social media use among college students
Gareema Dhiman - Surveillants: A New Organelle of the Synapse  
Helen Dodson - Dating/Intimate Partner Violence and social media use among college students
Heather Graham - Literacy and Representation in the LGBTQIA+ Communities
Gursirat Grewal - Improving Upper-Limb Prostheses Control via Optimizing sEMG Electrode Number and Location
Cody Harris - Sensory Perception in Advanced Prosthetics: The Philosophy of Proprioception
Jami Harvey - Oral Histories in the Era of COVID-19: The Utah Navajo and the Westside of Salt Lake City, Utah
Olivia Lam - Development of PV Testing Apparatus Using 3D Printing Technique 
Indigo Mason - The University of Utah Sexual and Reproductive Health Care and Education Needs Assessment
Nate Nellis - Econometric Analysis on the Impact of Water Rates on Resident Usage and City Revenue: A Study in Salt Lake County, Utah
Jens Nilson - Child Labor Trafficking and the Child Welfare System  
Adriana Payan-Medina - Characterization of Satellite-Derived Air Quality Measurements in Health Applications
Kylie Persson - Production of Platelet-Like Particles Using MEG-01 Cells
Elizabeth Porter - Supporting the Entire System: Reducing Educators Burnout with Mindfulness-based Practice and Social-emotional Learning
Anya Ragnhildstveit - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Plus Affective Tactile Grounding on Psychedelic States and Treatment Outcomes in Adults with Major Depression 
Mario Ramirez-Arrazola - Adding Up The Cost of Excluding Undocumented Utahns from State and Federal COVID-19 Relief
Alexia Savas - Correlating Surface Temperature Fluctuations with Atmospheric Flow
Travis Seamons - Controlling Bacterial Transcription with the Eukaryotic Transcription Factor QF
Joshua Swan - Energy Consumption and the Limits of Economic Growth 
Tobin Wainer - Star Cluster Mass Function Fitting using Probabilistic Modeling
Zak Wankier - Anatomical Dimensions of Human Vertebral Bodies Over Time  
Katie Workman - Epistemic Communications: the politics of confronting the global COVID-19 pandemic

Final Remarks
by President Watkins and Vice President for Research Andy Weyrich:


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