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Poster Prizes

For the Spring 2024 Symposium, students were invited to submit their poster to be considered for up to three poster prizes.  Poster prize winners were recognized at the symposium, received a monetary prize (check), and had their poster displayed in the library.  The J. Willard Marriott Library is excited to showcase the Symposium award-winning posters in the Level 1 classroom hallway, adjacent to the library café. This high-traffic location provides our diverse campus community the opportunity to explore the impactful work of the University of Utah’s top undergraduate scholars.

Poster Prize Winners (2024)

Best Overall Poster Aksel Anderson, College of Engineering, (Mentor: Rob MacLeod) Three-Dimensional Mapping of Coronary Vasculature Geometries  (displayed in library 4/29-7/19/24)

Best in STEM  

Best in Humanities and Fine Arts  

Best in Wellness, Health and Medicine 

Best in Social Sciences 

Best in Societal Impact - Sophia Peralta, School of Medicine, (Mentor: Josh Bonkowsky) Advancements in Gene Therapy Approaches for Treating Vanishing White Matter Disease (displayed in library 6/7-7/19/24)

Best Citations & Literature Review Austin Bender, School of Medicine, (Mentor: Gregory Ducker) The Role of Ornithine, Polyamines, and Amino Acid Accumulation in the Growth of Melanoma (displayed in library 6/7-7/19/24)

Best Innovative IntroductionSavannah McDaniel, College of Humanities, (Mentor: Lisa Swanstrom) Creature Comforts: Domesticity and Domestication in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas (displayed in library 4/29-6/7/24)

Best Use of Poster Visuals Joey Lee, College of Engineering, (Mentor:  Alex Novoselov) Direct Numerical Simulation of Flame Propagation in Hydrogen and Ammonia Mixtures   (displayed in library 4/29-6/7/24)

Jury Prize for Best Visual NarrativeMickayla Koday, College of Fine Arts, (Mentor: Maureen O’Hara Ure)  SYZYGY: An Eclipse of the Self   (displayed in library 4/29-6/7/24)


We are grateful to the 37 poster evaluators who reviewed the 65 posters submitted for the Spring Symposium 2024 poster prizes. Thank you also to the following poster prize committee members: 

  • Annie Isabel Fukushima, Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies and Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Joel Thornton, Associate Dean, Marriott Library
  • Greg Hatch, Creativity & Innovation Services Head, Marriott Library
  • Shane Wallace, Associate Librarian, Marriott Library
  • Shelly Parker, Program Manager, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Angie Levia, Academic Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Jennifer Santiago, Academic Program Coordinator, Office of Undergraduate Research

The poster prizes were made possible by our generous bronze sponsors Mascoff Brennan and Northrup Grumman

  • When registering (Registration Deadline March 17), students will indicate whether or not they want to be considered for poster prizes. Those students who want to be considered will be required to submit a .jpg file of their poster by Sunday, March 24.  A link to the poster submission form will be sent to those students after they register.

    Note: Students who do not want to be considered for poster prizes do not have to submit their poster ahead of time.

    Reminder: All students, including those who submitted their poster for prize consideration, should print out their own actual poster and bring it to the symposium. Click here for instructions on printing and where to print, etc.

  • Posters submitted for poster prize consideration will reviewed by evaluators. These evaluators will score posters based on the category the poster is being considered for. A committee will convene and review all scores and determine winning posters based on scores.

    During the symposium, poster evaluators also evaluate all presentations. Poster presentations will be evaluated by faculty, graduate student, and postdoctoral scholar raters against undergraduate research learning outcomes identified by the OUR.  The poster evaluators will use the below rubric. Rating Rubric

    For questions, contact