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Raman Spectroscopy Characterization of Antibody-ligand Association at Supported Phospholipid Bilayers

Semester: Spring 2024

Presentation description

This research investigates antibody-ligand chemistry, crucial in the immune response. Stoichiometry and ligand accessibility on porous silica particles analyzed via Raman microscopy, allowing label-free quantification of binding. Silica particles with lipid bilayers enable detection of modest ligand fractions. Density variation influences antibody capture. The use of FAB fragments are used to determine binding stoichiometry of full antibodies.

Presenter Name: Clista Galecki

Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: In Person
Presentation #C20
College: Science
School / Department: Chemistry
Research Mentor: Joel Harris
Date | Time: Tuesday, Apr 9th | 1:00 PM