Undergraduate Research Journal

The journal’s primary mission is to make more visible the rich and diverse student contributions to research and creative work at the University of Utah. All undergraduate students involved in research at the University of Utah are strongly encouraged to submit their work for publication in this journal.

Journal submissions are accepted year-round for online publication each summer. All Submissions from University of Utah undergraduate students are accepted. 

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Who can Submit: 

Any University of Utah undergraduate student working on research or creative work with a faculty mentor.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Create your journal submission on the URJ Template and save as a PDF. You will then upload the saved pdf into the submission form.
  • Required Header: centered in 12-point Times New Roman font:


Student’s Full Name (Faculty Mentor’s Full Name, Additional Authors if applicable)

 Department of …

  • The remainder of the page(s) may be used to present the student’s research or creative works as desired by the student and faculty mentor. The page(s) may include text and/or pictures—submissions may take the form of research abstracts, summaries, paper, artists’ statements, and/or pictures of research or creative works.  All text must be at least 12-pt font size so as to be legible and single spaced.
  • For formatting help, see link at bottom of page to review last year’s submissions.


  • Submissions to the Undergraduate Research Journal must be carefully edited prior to submission.  
  • Students must submit on their own behalf and include their faculty mentor as an additional author.

    Multiple Authors?

  • Only the first author uploads the submission.  It is the responsibility of the first author to include all authors names and emails during the submission process.
  • All authors must agree on an author order. Authorship conventions differ by field; this should be decided in careful consultation with the faculty mentor.  Default is first author last name first and then last names alphabetized.
  • Each submission may have only one first author, and all other authors must be ordered.
  • The first author is responsible for making sure that the submission is completed successfully and for forwarding the emailed confirmation message to all other authors.



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