Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD)

The Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation (URSD) recognizes a student’s commitment to their development as a researcher during their undergraduate career. The URSD appears in the awards section of the transcripts of graduating students. URSD awardees receive a white research cord from the Office of Undergraduate Research to wear at convocation and commencement.

Apply the Semester you Graduate!

URSD Requirements:

(PLEASE NOTE: Effective Fall 2019-in order to fulfill the URSD Presentation and Publication requirements, ALL students will be required to participate at the Undergraduate Research Symposium and publish in the Undergraduate Research Journal). 

  1. Two semesters of research – Two semesters of research with a UofU faculty research mentor (if not done through UROP or SPUR, the student’s faculty mentor signs a verification form certifying that two semesters of research were completed).
  2. Presentation – Present at the spring Undergraduate Research Symposium. (Presentations at UCUR/NCUR in 2018 or before will fulfill this requirement. For all other presentations, please contact our@utah.edu). (*UPDATE: Due to COVID restrictions for in-person events, the 2020/2021 virtual spring, summer and fall symposium will fulfill this requirement)
  3. Publication – Publish your research in the University of Utah Undergraduate Research Journal. This publication requirement ensures that students engage in the valuable reflective process of creating an enduring record of their undergraduate research experience. 

**PLEASE READ: Students must have completed all requirements associated with their involvement in other Office of Undergraduate Research programs in order to be eligible for the URSD. This includes the submission of final reports for UROP, SPUR, Small Grants, and Travel Grants, in addition to any other program requirements.

Applying for the URSD:

Apply during the semester in which you will graduate by completing the online URSD APPLICATION FORM. You will be asked to provide the following verifications:

  1. Two semesters of research – Indicate the semesters and years of UROP or SPUR, or upload an electronic copy of the verification form signed by your faculty mentor.
  2. Presentation 
  3. Publication 

At the END of each semester, The Office of Undergraduate Research will review the applications submitted and forward the names of qualifying students to the Registrar’s office.  It may take up to 60 days for the designation to appear on the transcript. URSD awardees receive a white research cord from the Office of Undergraduate Research to wear at convocation and commencement.

Fall 2021 Deadline: Thursday, December 9th