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Undergraduate Research Journal 2022


The Future of Research is Now

Message from the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies

2022 marks 22 years of undergraduate research publications with the Office of Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research Journal. In volume 22, readers will find 115 contributions that are now part of the archive of contemporary undergraduate research at the University of Utah.

The diverse research titles are reflective of the labor and research activities that culminated in a minimum of two semesters for all contributors, and for some years. Undergraduate research was fostered through a will to find an answer to a research question, presenting findings to receive feedback, mentoring relationships, and the application of research. The undergraduate research projects reflected in this journal represent the high impact practice of mentoring the future of research. The topics, methodologies, identities, communities, and commitments, of each undergraduate researcher contribution found in this issue represent 14 different colleges. 97 faculty mentors fostered the research-intensive projects.

Open-access public journals matter for public dissemination of new knowledge. Therefore, the Office of Undergraduate Research extends a deep gratitude to the undergraduate researchers for submitting their projects for publication with the journal, the mentors who supported these projects, the staff who make research possible, and the community that are part of and a vital part of the research process. Cindy Greaves edited this journal and the team of OUR were also a part of many of these students journeys in advising (Sandra Luo), program creation (Cindy Greaves and Megan Shannahan) and educational content (Shiver).

The future of research found in the 2022 Undergraduate Research Journal issue highlights hope, curiosity, and endeavors to resolve to find solutions to contemporary and historical pressing questions.

On behalf of the Office of Undergraduate Research, I applaud the work of undergraduate researchers, mentors, and communities surrounding them for fostering a supportive undergraduate research environment. The student contributions reflect tomorrow’s thought leaders and innovators, who are part of the U of U cutting-edge of research.

Annie Isabel Fukushima, Ph.D.,
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies
Director, Office of Undergraduate Research
Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies, School for Cultural & Social Transformation

College of Architecture & Planning



  • Milad Mozari
  • Sarah Hiners
  • Shundana Ysaf

Cultural & Social Transformation


  • Annie Isabel Fukushima
  • Edmund Fong



  • Melodie Weller



  • Alan Kuntz
  • Amy Lenz
  • Cynthia Furse
  • David Grainger
  • Dustin Williams
  • Gregory Clark
  • Jacob George
  • Jay Kim
  • Jeffrey Bates
  • Jennifer Weidhaas
  • Jessica Kramer
  • Rob MacLeod
  • Susan Bock
  • Swomitra Mohanty
  • Tamar Bidone
  • Tao Gao

Fine Arts


  • Brian Snapp
  • Elizabeth Craft
  • Sonia Albert-Sobrino


  • Amandine Chaix
  • Christopher Depner
  • Jessica King
  • Peter Fino
  • Samantha Gustafson
  • Tanya Halliday
  • Yang Bai



  • Michael Gills



  • Carlos Santana



  • Amnon Sclegel
  • Andres Maricq
  • Anna Beaudin
  • Ben Christensen
  • Daniel Leung
  • David Krizaj
  • Eileen Hwang
  • Ellen Beswick
  • Junco Warren
  • Martin Tristani
  • Matthew Thiese
  • Melissa Cortez
  • Michael Conoscenti
  • Michael Zelikowsky
  • Monica Vetter
  • Randy Jensen
  • Sarina Sinclair
  • Sujee Jeyapalina
  • Vicente Planelles
  • Yang-ting Shiu

Mines & Earth Sciences


  • Brenda Bowen
  • Cari Johnson
  • Daniel Mendoza



  • Ana Sanchez Birkhead
  • Lauri Linder
  • Lisa Taylor-Swanson



  • Amy Barrios
  • David Grainger
  • Karen Wilcox
  • Shawn Owen



  • Aaron Puri
  • Jon Rainier
  • Julie Hollien
  • Luisa Whittaker-Brooks
  • Markus Babst
  • Matthew Sigman
  • Michael McIntosh
  • Rodrigo Noriega
  • Ryan Steele
  • Scott Langenecker
  • William Brazelton

Social & Behavioral Science


  • Adrienne Cachelin
  • Akiko Kamimura
  • Brennan Payne
  • Carina Pals
  • E-Sok Andy Hong
  • Emily Scott
  • James Curry
  • Jeanine Stefanucci
  • Jennifer Follstad Shah
  • Juliet Carlisle
  • Katherine Baucom
  • Kristina Rand
  • Lisa Diamond
  • Lori Kowaleski-Jones
  • Marissa Diener
  • Monisha Pasupathi
  • Rebecca Utz
  • Sara LoTemplio
  • Shaylie Platten
  • Shane MacFarlan
  • Sheila Crowell
  • Tabitha Benney
  • Timothy Webster
  • Valerie Greer

Undergraduate Studies


  • Beth Howard