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Gut Microbes are Associated with the Beneficial Effect of Dietary Strawberries on Blood Pressure in Diabetic Mice

Semester: Summer 2023

Presentation description

Background: Heart disease is 2-4 times more prevalent in individuals with diabetes. Gut dysbiosis plays a pivotal role in diabetes-induced cardiovascular complications. Evidence indicates the beneficial effects of dietary berries on vasculature and gut microbes. In the present study, we investigated whether the effect of strawberries on blood pressure in diabetic mice is associated with gut microbes. Methods: Diabetic mice (db/db mice) received a standard diet (D) or strawberry-supplemented diet (2.35% in diet; ~2 human servings) (DSB). Control mice received a standard diet (C). Blood pressure (by tail-cuff method) and gut microbiome (using 16s rRNA amplification) were assessed after 12-week treatment. Spearman's correlation was used to identify the association between blood pressure and gut microbes. Results: Diabetic mice exhibited increased blood pressure, and strawberry supplementation reduced blood pressure (both diastolic and systolic) in diabetic mice. Gut microbiome analysis indicates a significant difference in β-diversity and relative abundance of gut microbes (phyla and genus levels) in D vs. C and DSB vs D mice. At the phyla level, Actinobacteria was decreased, and Proteobacteria was increased in D vs. C, whereas strawberry supplementation increased Actinobacteria in DSB vs D mice. At the genus level, four genera were altered in diabetes but improved with strawberry supplementation. Spearman's correlation indicates that Verrucomicrobia (commensal Phylum) and Staphylococcus (Genus) were negatively associated with blood pressure. Conclusion: Dietary strawberries improve diabetes-induced gut dysbiosis, and specific gut microbes are associated with blood pressure. Strawberries could be a potential nutritional strategy to improve diabetes-induced dysbiosis and vascular complications.

Presenter Name: Nizhoni Porter
Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: In Person
Presentation #103
College: Health
School / Department: Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
Research Mentor: Anandh Babu Pon Velayutham
Date | Time: Thursday, Aug 3rd | 9:00 AM