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Encapsulation of Neuromodulatory Drug Ketamine in Perffluorooctylbromide Core Nanoparticles for Targeted Release via Ultrasound

Semester: Spring 2023

Presentation description

Systemic side effects from medication can be reduced by using targeted drug delivery. Targeted drug delivery can be achieved by delivering the medication in a nanoparticle shell. The goal of this project was to effectively encapsulate and release neuromodulatory drug ketamine from a specific type of nanoparticles in-vitro using ultrasound. Results showed that release is higher when nanoparticles are radiated with ultrasound. Further improvements to the experiment were proposed.

Presenter Name: Anna Yarema

Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: Virtual
College: Engineering
School / Department: Bioengineering
Research Mentor: Jan Kubanek