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Elucidating different ways to regulate the NF-kB pathway through the hypoxia associated factor (HAF) and the hypoxia inducible factor (HIF)

Semester: Spring 2024

Presentation description

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) is the most common form of liver cancer in the United States. Inflammation is a key factor in the progression from fatty liver disease to HCC, so pro-inflammatory pathways such as the NF-kB pathway have been studied. I studied the colocalization of HAF and other key proteins in the pathway to determine if there is any transcriptional regulation occurring in the nucleus. I also studied HCC cells in a hypoxic environment to determine the impact of HIF on the pathway.

Presenter Name: Lily Halberg

Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: In Person
Presentation #A46
College: Pharmacy
School / Department: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Research Mentor: Mei Koh
Date | Time: Tuesday, Apr 9th | 9:00 AM