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Dance Improvisation as a Somatic Healing Tool and Generator of Movement Performance Art

Semester: Spring 2024

Presentation description

The aim of this study was two-fold; utilize a consistent practice of dance improvisation as a somatic tool for healing & self-discovery, and from these practices, to gather movement patterns, sensory experiences, and thematic elements as material to create a collaborative movement art piece to be performed.

What are the foundational somatic principles that we, movement artists can rely upon, as we venture into the vast landscape of creative and healing possibilities that lie in improvisation

Presenter Name: Elle Taylor

Presentation Type: Performance
Presentation Format: In Person
College: Fine Arts
School / Department: School of Dance
Research Mentor: Molly Heller
Date | Time: Tuesday, Apr 9th | 1:00 PM
Physical Location or Zoom link:

Union East Ballroom