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An Analysis of Vowel Reduction in Bolognese

Semester: Spring 2024

Presentation description

In my research, I present an ongoing analysis of vowel reduction in Bolognese. Vowel reduction is a process by which vowels change due to a change in stress (this is why the 'a' sound in "atom" and "atomic" are different). I explain the vowel reduction patterns and suggest the presence of three ambiguous classes of words that determine the vowel reduction pattern used. These classes may relate to those identified in Saunders (1984) though further research is needed.

Presenter Name: Brandon Osgan

Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: In Person
Presentation #A49
College: Humanities
School / Department: Linguistics
Research Mentor: Edward Rubin
Date | Time: Tuesday, Apr 9th | 9:00 AM