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Aim 1: Developing a High Throughput Method for Screening Genetically Encodable Biosensors and Aim 2: Exploring Yellow and Blue Fluorescent Proteins With an Acetyl-CoA Biosensor

Semester: Fall 2022

Presentation description

The first aim of this project is to develop a high throughput method for screening genetically encodable fluorescent biosensors using Chi-A, Lpp-OmpA, and AIDA-I surface display mechanisms. The second aim of this project is to explore the functionality of circularly permuted yellow and blue fluorescent proteins in place of circularly permuted green fluorescent protein in an Acetyl-CoA biosensor.

Presenter Name: Gabrielle Desjardins
Presentation Type: Poster
Presentation Format: Virtual
Presentation #19
College: Pharmacy
Research Mentor: Katharine Diehl
Physical Location or Zoom link:

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