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Undergraduate Researcher (Student) Panel

In this panel discussion, student panelists will answer questions about working with faculty mentors, and provide attendees with their perspectives on this invaluable relationship.  This discussion would benefit students at any stage in their research involvement.

Student Panelists:

  • Eliana Massey, Museum Studies (BUS)
    Eliana is pursuing a museum studies major that they created through the Bachelor of Undergraduate Studies (BUS) program. They are also majoring in philosophy of science with an emphasis in anthropology and a certificate in community engagement. Eliana started research in their first semester of college at the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU). They've continued research through the NHMU, Utah State Historical Society, National Park Service, Digital Matters, Aileen H. Clyde 20th Century Women's Legacy Archive, and the Office of Undergraduate Research. Currently, Eliana is researching the history of child institutionalization in Hawai'i.
  • Ali Nopper, Chemistry & Biology
    Ali is a junior double majoring in Chemistry and Biology. Initially interested in cancer biology, she joined the Holmen Lab through the Science Research Initiative (SRI). After finding a passion for chemistry through her major courses, Ali began conducting Organic Chemistry research as a part of the Roberts Lab since January 2023. Her research currently focuses on the functionalization of carbon-nitrogen bonds in small molecule synthesis.  Ali is currently an OUR peer mentor specializing in STEM.
  • Ava Peitz, Psychology & Political Science
    Ava is a fourth year undergraduate, graduating this summer with degrees in political science and psychology. She started research in the Department of Chemistry in her freshman year, and eventually transitioned to psychology research and research within OUR. Ava is a board member on the U's Institutional Review Board and serves as an OUR peer mentor for the IRB and clinical research.
  • Kishan Thambu, Computer Science
    Kishan is a fourth year undergraduate studying Computer Science with a minor in Chemistry. He has been involved with research in some capacity since his freshman year from bioinformatics to computational psychiatry.  Kishan hopes to continue doing computational-based research especially in psychiatry.  He is currently an OUR peer mentor focusing on presentations and publications.



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Event Format: On Demand
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