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Undergraduate Research Mentor Panel – Spring 2024

In this panel discussion, panelists will answer questions about mentoring and building relationships with mentees, and provide attendees with their perspectives on this invaluable relationship.  This discussion would be good for students at any stage in their research involvement.


  • Dr. Sara Grineski, Professor, Sociology
    Dr. Grineski is a Professor of Sociology with a shared appointment in Environment & Sustainability Studies. She is the director of undergraduate studies in Sociology and co-director of the Center for Natural and Technological Hazards. Dr. Grineski is an active undergraduate research mentor to her own mentees while also directing programs that create research opportunities for other undergraduate students.
  • Dr. Vineet Pandey, Assistant Professor, School of Computing
    Dr. Pandey is an Assistant Professor at the Kahlert School of Computing. As a broadly-trained human-computer interaction researcher, his work contributes to new possibilities in digital health and citizen science with a new class of collaborative tools and platforms. Dr. Pandey research team--3 PhD, 1 MS, 3 BS students--builds web-based systems for collaboration among real-world communities and institutional experts in science and medicine.
  • Dr. J. David Symons, Professor, Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
    Dr. Symons is a Professor in Nutrition and Integrative Physiology, an Adjunct Professor in Internal Medicine, and a PI in the Molecular Medicine Program.  He is currently doing endothelial cell metabolism research, and teaching exercise and cardiovascular physiology.  Dr. Symons has been mentoring UROP and SPUR undergraduate researchers for several years.

Facilitated by Dr. Annie Fukushima


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Event Format: On Demand
  • Research Collaboration & Communication