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Minority Ethnic Centrality, Affirmation, and Attitudes Toward Mental Health Care

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Chandler Peterson

In recent years, there have been dramatic improvements in our ability to seek, utilize, and receive mental health care. Despite these improvements, research has shown that many individuals, especially those belonging to ethnic minority communities still experience difficulty seeking mental health treatment. Previous studies indicate that those who have strong ethnic centrality are more likely to utilize mental health resources than those who do not. Racial discrimination in the health care system, along with associated stigma within their communities surrounding mental health care, establish barriers in pursuing treatment for those who desire the help. The current study seeks to further investigate the relationship between ethnic identity and affirmation, and attitudes toward seeking mental health care. Namely, we assess relationships between participant anxiety, depression, psychological distress, and ethnic identity, as well as attitudes toward seeking mental health treatment and about mental health in general. We hypothesize that participants who have strong ethnic centrality and affirmation will be more willing and less ashamed to seek mental health treatment, as well as having a less stigmatized view of mental health care.
University / Institution: Weber State University
Type: Poster
Format: In Person
Presentation #C58
SESSION C (1:45-3:15PM)
Area of Research: Social Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Xin Zhao