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Year: 2023

Presenter Name: University of Utah

Additional Presenters:
Chase Hagood, Erin Rothwell, Annie Isabel Fukushima, Eden Cortez
Boxed lunch provided to registered participants.  Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Mitzi Montoya, University of Utah Dr. Montoya joins the University of Utah as the new Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost. She brings with her strong leadership skills, including years of service in dean and provost positions at several universities in the U.S., including the University of New Mexico, Oregon State and Arizona State University. Montoya’s experience in leading large academic enterprises has given her an eye toward problem-solving and engagement. Throughout her career she has supported student and faculty success, enhanced entrepreneurial ecosystems, and led collaborative initiatives to find solutions for social, technical and political challenges. As provost, Montoya seeks to inspire students, faculty and staff; lead innovation efforts; and help the U become a top 10 public university with unsurpassed societal impact. Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Chase Hagood, University of Utah Dr. Thomas Chase Hagood serves as the Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Utah. His approach to student development and passion for student success initiatives emerged from a commitment to research-based, faculty development as well as academic training as a historian and wealth of experiences as a faculty member. Since his arrival at the U in July 2021, SAVPAA Hagood's work at Utah includes cultivating creative partnerships between the various units of Undergraduate Studies and other entities across the university to enrich students’ learning experiences as well as enhancing the University’s national and international reputation for excellence in undergraduate education. SAVPAA Hagood earned his Ph.D. from University of Georgia. Interim Vice President for Research Erin Rothwell, University of Utah

Dr. Erin Rothwell currently serves as the Interim Vice President for Research, Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in the School of Medicine. Born in Oceanside, California, Dr. Erin Rothwell received her B.S. degree in Recreation Therapy and M.S. degree in Park & Recreation Management from the University of South Alabama. In 2004, Dr. Rothwell moved to Salt Lake City to pursue her PhD in Recreation Therapy at the University of Utah. She served her Postdoctoral Training in the College of Nursing at the U while studying clinical trials and public health. In 2010, Dr. Rothwell received a competitive fellowship opportunity in the Medical College of Wisconsin where she studied Bioethics. Dr. Rothwell’s research focus is on ethical, social, and legal implications of genetic and technological advancements on individuals and families specifically within newborn screening, prenatal testing, and biobanking. She is the contact principal investigator for the NIH Utah Center in Excellence for Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) for Research in Genetics (1RM1HG009037), and principal investigator on an R01 titled: Comparing Game Facilitated Interactivity to Genetic Counseling for Prenatal Screening Education (R01 HG011921). Dr. Rothwell also has extensive expertise on informed consent and research ethics. She has published a new qualitative methodology for focus groups called Deliberative Discussion Focus Groups which is based on over 70 focus groups and 500 participants across 5 NIH grants. Associate Dean Annie Isabel Fukushima, Undergraduate Studies, University of Utah

Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima is Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research, and Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies in the School for Cultural & Social Transformation at the University of Utah. She is the author of the award-winning book, Migrant Crossings: Witnessing Human Trafficking in the US (Stanford University Press, 2019). She also serves as the Co-Principal Investigator and Founder of the University of Utah Gender-Based Violence Consortium. Fukushima is also a member of the Board of Directors for the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

Edén Cortes-Lopez, Special Projects Coordinator, Utah System for Higher Education

The Utah System of Higher Education (USHE) is governed by the Utah Board of Higher Education and is comprised of Utah’s eight public colleges and universities and eight technical colleges. The CEO of USHE is the Commissioner of Higher Education.​

University / Institution: University of Utah
Type: Other
Format: In Person
Location: Ballroom (2nd Floor), Alumni House