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Leadership and Success at Southern Utah University

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Benz Wycklendt

We do not have to be a politician to be a leader. We can all make a difference, because leadership is not about position but rather influence. Leaders are best when people know they barely exist. When a job is done, a leader's aim is fulfilled. Leadership is a choice, but not a rank.
In this paper, several interviewees reminded me that action without a vision is simply passing time. Vision without action implies the same concept of daydreaming. If we drive a car without a destination, a leader will get lost. So to rephrase, a leader without passion and enthusiasm will lack credibility if they do not make a genuine difference.
University / Institution: Southern Utah University
Type: Oral
Format: In Person
SESSION B (10:45AM-12:15PM)
Area of Research: Social Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Katie Englert
Location: Union Building, COLLEGIATE ROOM (11:45am)