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Direct One-pot Grignard Formation and Addition to Imine Electrophiles

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Kaden Jensen

"Many Grignard reagents will form at ambient temperature if an organohalide is given sufficient time to react with magnesium. The organomagnesium species is highly reactive, and prone to undergo Wurtz coupling with another Grignard reagent to form the homocoupled product. In order to mitigate this
homocoupling product formation, we envisioned preparing the Grignard reagent while an imine electrophile is in the same solution to afford an amine product. Amines are common in pharmaceutically relevant compounds. This methodology could also be applied to other electrophiles. Early results include isolated yields above 70%. "
University / Institution: Southern Utah University
Type: Poster
Format: In Person
Presentation #C4
SESSION C (1:45-3:15PM)
Area of Research: Science & Technology
Faculty Mentor: Matthew Prater