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Conservation of the Endemic Coral Pink Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle, Cicindela albissima

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Kate Ehlert

Coral Pink Sand Dunes, located in southwestern Utah (Figure 1), is a unique desert dune system that has a number of endemic species including the Coral Pink Sand Dunes Tiger Beetle, Cicindela albissima (Rumpp, 1962) (Figure 2). This species of tiger beetle has adapted to the unique conditions found in this dune environment. Geographical separation between this system and other similar systems has resulted in the speciation of this tiger beetle, but it has also meant that this species is potentially sensitive to any changes in its environment. Anthropogenic impacts such as recreation and climate change have resulted in fluctuations in the number of individuals of C. albissima. This study has focused on monitoring the population of adults and larvae of this sensitive species to ensure its continued survival. This project is supported by the BLM, Utah DNR, US Fish and Wildlife, University of Utah and Southern Utah University.
University / Institution: Southern Utah University
Type: Poster
Format: In Person
Presentation #B30
SESSION B (10:45AM-12:15PM)
Area of Research: Science & Technology
Faculty Mentor: Fredric Govedich