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Active Minds at The University

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Sadie Wood

There is a lack of affordable resources and mental health facilities for individuals in Utah. A mental health crisis is currently occurring in the state. Evidence has shown that Utah is the number one state where citizens struggle with mental health the most, with ""...just under 30% of adults in the last year suffering from the problem,"" according to ""The US Health Report of 2022,"" completed by NiceRX. According to Utah's Public Data Health Resource, IBIS, ""The promotion of mental health involves actions that create living conditions and environments that support mental health and allow people to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles."" Therefore, the Leroy E. Cowles Building will be transformed to support the Active Minds nonprofit organization where college-aged individuals may access mental health resources. Research has been conducted to create an evidence-based design for the adaptive reuse project involving the Cowles Building. Such evidence-based design includes providing aromatherapy in spaces to encourage physical and physiological health in occupants (Lizarraga-Valderrama, 2020). Additional evidence-based design includes biophilic aspects incorporated into spaces, such as natural shapes and forms, patterns, light, and organic materials to promote health benefits (Birrell, 2014). A third researched concept will be incorporated by using color in wayfinding to lessen stress of visitors (McLachlan, Leng, 2021). A final evidence-based design concept will be shown through providing self-care spaces with biophilic aspects to improve the lifestyles of those living with mental illness, especially depression (Huntsman, et al, 2022). Each of these evidence-based design concepts will promote the mental health of occupants visiting the Cowles building through resources provided by Active Minds and the University of Utah.
University / Institution: Weber State University
Type: Poster
Format: In Person
Presentation #C80
SESSION C (1:45-3:15PM)
Area of Research: Science & Technology
Faculty Mentor: Kristen Arnold