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A phenomenological inquiry of the applicability of Neurologic Music Therapy training for a student music therapist

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Katie Fairbourn

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is a popular training available for various disciplines that teaches how the manipulation of different musical elements can achieve specific neurologic functions. There is a strong body of research proving NMT's effectiveness, but there is a lack of information when it comes to the value of the training for a music therapist. This makes it difficult for music therapy students and professionals who are trying to decide if the NMT training is a right fit for them personally. My phenomenological inquiry of NMT's applicability for music therapy will address this question by providing personal clinical experiences in which NMT was used, and a comparison of my own therapeutic practice before and after taking the training. Although my focus is specifically on NMT's applicability within music therapy, I will also emphasize throughout my presentation the many other different clinical settings (physical, occupational, speech, and other therapies) that the NMT training is available for. Through my presentation, participants of various different disciplines will gain a personal understanding of NMT, along with a greater knowledge of the capabilities of using music in a clinical setting and the vast applications of music therapy.
University / Institution: Utah State University
Type: Oral
Format: In Person
SESSION B (10:45AM-12:15PM)
Area of Research: Social Sciences
Faculty Mentor: Allison Fox
Location: Alumni House, SORENSON ROOM (11:45am)