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A Comparative Analysis of Barefoot Gen

Year: 2023

Presenter Name: Taylor Rae Connor

This research presentation will provide a comparative analysis of the animated movie Barefoot Gen and its eponymous graphic novel by Keiji Nakazawa. Barefoot Gen is a story loosely based on Nakazawa's personal, first hand experience during World War 2 and the aftermath of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Nakazawa's story is significant because it illustrates a monumental historical event that ought to never be repeated. The discussion about nuclear war is especially interesting because Americans often view the United States as the "world police" or the protective big brother country despite this devastating event. This comparative analysis will examine the unique differences between these two versions of Nakazawa's tale, specifically focusing on the portrayal of the father, Mr. Nakaoka, and his protest against the war, and the depiction of violence, horror, and suffering.
University / Institution: Utah Tech University
Type: Oral
Format: In Person
SESSION B (10:45AM-12:15PM)
Area of Research: Humanities
Faculty Mentor: Brooke Hotez
Location: Sill Center Conference Room (11:05am)