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The Office of Undergraduate Research is pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the SDBC Stat Lab.

The SDBC Stat Lab is a statistical resource for the UU that combines the objectives of advancing medical research and training students in medical research. Stat Lab will specifically work with student projects funded by the Office of Undergraduate Research UROP who have a goal of publishing a manuscript in medical journal or high impact peer-review journal.

Eligible projects:

  1. UROP Students working with faculty in medicine who have projects needing statistical support.
  2. The research team must have plans to publish. In partnering with the Stat Lab, the Stat Lab student and other agreed upon co-authors with the Stat Lab will also be co-authors in the publication. The student’s faculty mentor in medicine must sign off on the expectation of a research publication.
  3. The student’s faculty mentor in medicine and the research leads of the Stat Lab must both attend an initial meeting to set up expectations and support needed for statistical analysis.
  4. The goal is to complete the statistical analysis and submit for publication within the funded project period. For UROP scholars, this is semester based with the potential for renewal and/or students receiving a OUR scholarship. At most, two semesters.

To learn more, contact

The STAT Lab is a partnership with Professors Angela Presson and Gregory Stoddard.