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Role of families in tobacco use and cessation among African and Middle Eastern immigrants in the United States

Summer 2023

Project Background

The prevalence of smoking among Muslim immigrant men have been found to be higher than the United States national average. Families play a role in socialization of many Muslim immigrant families and may play a role in smoking initiation and cessation. The survey will comprise four focus group sessions exploring the link between the family set-up and smoking.

This project is funded by the Research Experiences to Advance the Careers of HBCU Undergraduates at the University of Utah (REACH U2) program, which is co-directed by Dr. Kola Okuyemi of University of Utah and Dr. Ray Samuel of North Carolina A&T. Applicants must be North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University students.

Student Role

The student will work with the research team in recruitment of participants, facilitation of the focus groups, transcription of recordings and thematic analyses of the transcribed data.

Student Learning Outcomes and Benefits

The student will receive guidance and support from Dr. Okuyemi. The student will gain confidence in and knowledge of the basics of beginner stage research experiences. The opportunity to network and work with a highly skilled and professional team of researchers.

Kola Okuyemi

Family & Preventive Medicine

Dr. Okuyemi’s career in the last 20 years has focused on research and programs to improve the health of underserved populations, including minority, immigrant, refugee, and homeless populations, and to eliminate health disparities/inequities using pharmacological and culturally tailored behavioral interventions as well as community-engaged research approaches. Dr. Okuyemi has a passion for mentoring and has mentored faculty (>20), postdoctoral fellows (>10), and graduate and undergraduate students (>20), many of whom have progressed to establish independent academic, research, or other health professional careers.