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Dee Scholarship

The Lawrence T. Dee and Janet T. Dee Foundation was established by Lawrence Taylor and Janet Teller Dee in 1971 for the purpose of promoting charitable activities in Ogden and the surrounding area. It remains a family foundation dedicated to furthering the growth and well-being of the people of northern Utah.

  • Undergraduate students who successfully completed 2 semesters of UROP or are currently in a renewal semester of UROP and whose research contributes to the well-being of the residents of northern Utah are eligible to apply for the Dee Foundation Scholarship. Student must be enrolled during the semester of the scholarship (fall semester). The scholarship is awarded at the beginning of the Undergraduate Research Scholarship semester and the award is contingent on the student having successfully completed the second semester of UROP requirements. 

    Students are advised that the Undergraduate Research Scholarship may be counted against their financial aid eligibility.

    Deadline to Apply: Extended to May 31st.

    Scholarship for fall semester.

    The availability of this program and number of scholarships offered may vary from year to year, depending on funding. Students are to apply with the same faculty mentor they worked with while a UROP scholar.

    The student and mentor are recognized at the annual Undergraduate Research Awards Ceremony.

  • Aksel Anderson (Rob MacLeod) - Three-Dimensional Mapping of Ischemic Zones and Coronary Perfusion

    Cassandra Burdick (Caleb Thomson) - Box and Blocks-Virtual Reality Environment

    Kyle Harshany (Will Holland) - The effect of the gain and loss of neuronal ceramides on behavior in an early onset Alzheimer's mouse model

    Rui Jin (Rob MacLeod) - Integration of Electrogram Signal Processors: OpenEP and PFEIFER

    Maddie Lodico (Chuck Dorval) - Evaluating the response sensitivity of axons, from realistic geometries of axon trajectory, to optimize contact location for deep brain stimulation

    Irvane  Nelson (Owen Chan) - The efficacy of the novel somatostatin receptor 2 antagonist, ZT-01, given via an osmotic pump to restore glucagon secretion in diabetic rats

    Elizabeth Russo (Annie Fukushima) - Dear Sister Letter Campaign

    Nick Thomson (Yan-Ting Shiu) - Investigating Sex Differences in Arteriovenous Fistula Maturation
  • Kenzie Fleming (Aaron Fischer) - Evaluating the Efficacy of Asynchronous Problem-Solving Teleconsultation with Teachers who Serve Rural Students with Disabilities

    Erin Garzella (Tracey Lamb) - Co-infection of Malaria and Gammaherpesvirus in Mice

    Nate Hooper (Dustin Williams) - Development and Analysis of Anti-biofilm Polyurethane Foam for Use in Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

    Kayleigh Kirkpatrick (Kaedan O'Brien) - Faunal Analysis of Amigo 3, a Cave in Utah's House Range

    Ava Peitz (Ming Hammond) - A New Technique for the Fluorescence Quantitation of 2',3'-cGAMP

    Tessa Petersell (Peter Fino) - Reactive Balance in Concussion Assessments in Collegiate Athletes

    Sabrina Su (Jay Kim) - Integration of a Pneumatically Actuated Microvalve Pump with in vitro Trabecular Meshwork for Ocular Research

    Derrick Wong (Yong Kong) - 3D-Printing and Characterization of Conformal Wireless LC Sensors

  • Elle Gaudette (Peter Fino) - The Association of Dizziness with Physiological and Balance Deficits in Older Population

    Heather Graham (Kim Hackford-Peer) - Literacy and Representation in the LGBTQIA+ Communities

    Anika Isom (Ben Christensen) - Rheometry Analysis of Rabbit Vocal Folds for Asthma Medication

    Madeline Jensen (Rose Smith) - Impact of Plant and Microbial Diversity on Nitrogen Retention in Storm-Water Green Infrastructures

    Kai Pruyn (Tommaso Lenzi) - Biomechanics Analysis of the Assistance Provided by a Powered Knee Exoskeleton for Standing Up

    Madeleine Sorenson (Rebecca Utz) - Live Hospice Discharge: A Critical Analysis About the Ethics of Ending Hospice Care for Terminal Patients

    Zakary Wankier (Sarina Sinclair) - Use of Loadsol Devices to Assess Patient Ground Reaction Forces During Prescribed Physical Therapy from Home 

  • Rachel D'Agostini (Krista Carlson) - Destruction of Bacteria and Biofilms using an Electrocatalytic Ceramic Probe

    Connor Davis (Shane Macfarlan) - Hidden Power: The Impact of Cosponsorship Networks on Legislative Success in the Utah State Legislature

    Claire Dinehart (Akiko Kamimura) - Examining Free Clinic Patients Household Environmental Safety and the Resulting Impact on Their Perceived Stress Levels

    Kallin Glauser (Elizabeth Clement) - Babies, Bibles, and Barricades: Birth Control in 60's and 70's Utah

    Erica Hill (Stacy Manwaring) - Play and Language Development in Toddlers at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Sonny Jones (Michael Paskett) - Using Physiological Factors to Study the Mental Workload of Neural Prostheses

    Hannah Louise Landicho (Eric Garland) - Studying Efficacy of Mindfulness Therapy for Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse

    Hunter Mansfield (Kimberley Evason) - Investigation of the Serotonin System in Liver Regeneration and Hepatocellular Carcinoma

    Kamala Poudyel (Akiko Kamimura) - Perceptions of mental health and stress related to social support and acculturation among Bhutanese refugee women in the United States

  • Marcus Blackburn (Frank Sachse) - Using Electrical Conduction Modeling in the Heart to Investigate Mechanisms of Arrhythmogenesis
    Madison Block (William Brazelton) - Differential Identification of Extremophiles in Layered Geophysical Environments

    Zachary Bowser (Nitin Phadnis) - Engineering Artificial Segregation Distortion with Chromosomal Breakage

    Kathryn Glaittli (Joshua Bonkowsky) - Creating a Zebrafish Model of Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease

    Nam Nguyen (Christopher Reilly) - Roles of TRPV3 and TRPA1 in Wood Smoke Pneumotoxicity

    Caroline Ramous (John David Symons) - Intact endothelial cell autophagy is necessary to observe training-induced vascular adaptations

    Gabriella Rasmussen (Alessandra Angelucci) - Tracing Monosynaptic Cortical Circuits of Feedforward and Feedback Connections to V1 Cells that Project to V2

  • Sullivan Howard (Prof. Akiko Kamimura) - Opioid and pain medicine use among free clinic patients

    Dallin Romney (Prof. Kuenhan Park) - Efficacy of Passive Radiative Thermal Cooling Textiles for Human Application

    Simran Saini (Prof. Jessica Kramer) -  Synthesizing Antifreeze Proteins Found in Nature to be used in Cryopreservation of Cells

    Angela Zhu (Prof. Yelena Wu) - Sun-protection Understanding (SUN) in Schools

  • Gemma Clark (Prof. Jennifer Weidhaas) - Effects of Temperature on Microbial Processes Influencing the Performance of Treatment Wetlands
    Warren Jensen (Prof. Claudia Geist) - Expressions of Masculinity Among LDS Men
    Zoe Kozlowski (Prof. Lori Gawron) - Assessing the Unmet Contraceptive Need in Homeless Women in Salt Lake City
    Sarah Patterson (Prof. Danielle Endres) - Utes Nickname Research Project
  • Cole Richards (Prof. Keith Koper) - Physical Mineral Characteristics of Fault Zones as a Function of Distance from the Core

    Colton Leavitt (Prof. Sujee Jeyapalina) - The Inherent Properties of Fluorohydroxyapatite: Decreasing Downgrowth and Infection in Percutaneous Intraosseous Implants

    William Nguyen (Prof. Milind Deo) - Flow in Nanoporous Rocks

    Alberto Martinez (Prof. Milind Deo) - Effect of Nanoporous Materials on Saturation Pressure in Shale Reservoirs

  • Adam Whitney (Prof. Charlie Hicks-Little) - Assessing the Need for Physical Therapy Among the Homeless Population of Salt Lake City

     Joseph Fuell (Prof. Daniel Leung) - Identification and Evaluation of Antidiarrheal Drugs from Native American Herbal Remedies