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Wildlife Conservation Research along the Wasatch Mountain Range Wildland-Urban Interface

School / Department: Biology

Project description

Wildlife thrive in the Wasatch Mountains even though they are composed of some of the most highly recreated national forests in the country. Research on how human influence affects wildlife is lacking, especially for mammals. This project looks to bridge that gap by asking: In a rapidly urbanizing world, what are the relationships between varying human influences and how wildlife behave, adapt, and move through their environment?

Student Role: Students will be asked to perform the following tasks: fieldwork (setting up and maintaining trail cameras), data entry (identifying species in photos), and data analysis.
Student Benefits: Students will gain fieldwork experience, which is essential to working in conservation biology. Students will also learn how field data is gathered, entered, and analyzed.
Project Duration: This project is scheduled to last from 2022 - 2025. Hourly commitment is flexible, ranging from 1-10 hours/week.
Opportunity Type: HYBRID - Volunteer; This is a paid research position; This is a work-study research position
Is this a paid opportunity: Yes
Minimum Requirements: Students interested in taking the lab for credit will need wildlife experience. Most students will be asked to volunteer before taking the lab for credit.