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Research Assistant: Data Science Project

Faculty Mentor: Melodie Weller
Title: Assistant Professor
College: Dentistry
School / Department: Dentistry and School of Medicine (Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology)

Project description

The Weller Lab is seeking motivated students to join our data science team which focuses on studying the epidemiology of rare disease using methods in big data. Our research ranges from exploring novel routes for pathogen emergence and spread to characterizing existing epidemics using massive datasets and high-performance computing methodology. We are particularly focused on understanding viral triggers for autoimmune disease and characterizing the epidemiology of rare diseases with the aim of informing public health policy. Projects in the data science group utilize a mix of mathematical modeling, software development, big data, and high-performance computing to explore each of these areas.


Keywords: Data Science, Big Data, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease Modeling

Student Role: Student will plan studies, prepare databases, carry out data analyses, prepare manuscripts, conduct literature reviews, and take part in weekly group meetings. Student will have the opportunity to learn skills in collaborative programming, high performance computing (using the University’s super computer), and statistics.
Student Benefits: Research Assistant will receive training in a variety of research techniques, have the opportunity to present their work at conferences, contribute to publications, and mentorship for graduate school/career aspirations.
Project Duration: 10-15+ hours/week. Projects will run a minimum of one semester with the possibility of extension.
Opportunity Type: Research Assistant
Opportunity Location Type: In Person
Is this a paid opportunity: ToBeDetermined
Paid Description:

Volunteer, Prepare a UROP proposal, Write an Honors Thesis or Senior Thesis, Earn independent study credit

Minimum Requirements: Programming experience: particularly in Python, Julia, or comparable language. Mathematics: Must have: Calculus (I & II). Preferable: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
How To Apply: Contact