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REUSE: Resarch Experience in Utah for Sustainable Materials Engineering

Project description

The ReUSE REU program will train undergraduates in principles of sustainable materials engineering through a 10-week deeply embedded learning experience alongside skilled mentors. All research projects involve sustainability and are broken into three core areas: water, energy, and resources.
All participants will have travel and lodging paid for and will receive a $6,000 stipend as well as some funds to support lab expenses and instrument costs. The 10-week event will run from May 31 until August 4, 2022.
ReUSE Participants will form part of a larger summer research cohort at the University of Utah. Over 100 undergraduate students from across the country including participants from the Physics, Chemistry, and Atmospheric Sciences REUs will meet regularly for cohort-building social activities, professional development, trainings, and the end-of-summer research symposium.

Opportunity Type: Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Opportunity Location Type: In Person
Is this a paid opportunity: Yes
Minimum Requirements:
ReUSE invites undergraduate applicants interested in sustainable materials research. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. We welcome and support underrepresented students from a variety of backgrounds in a highly inclusive environment. While all eligible applicants will be considered, we strongly encourage Pacific Islander, Latino/a, and refugee applicants.