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OUR Student Spotlight (OURS^2)

The Office of Undergraduate Research Student Spotlight (OURS^2) aims to foster a culture of celebrating research by regularly highlighting undergraduate researchers at the University of Utah in the OUR monthly newsletter. This page archives students spotlighted with OUR.

  • Nominate a student using this form.

    • Recognizing research is diverse and university commitments to inclusive research, we invite nominations that represent a wide range of student research experiences and representation.
    • We encourage students to self-nominate; however, please keep in mind that we will reach out to faculty mentors for approval before publishing any spotlight materials.
  • The spotlight seeks to foster the following:

    • Creation of a dynamic research culture through community recognition of research, and celebrating research and research related milestones.
    • Sharing models of student accomplishments, experiences, and endeavors since and/or during research.
    • Grow student interest in undergraduate research by sharing student success in research.