Wildlife Conservation Research along the Wasatch Mountain Range Wildland-Urban Interface

Mentor Name:
Austin Green

Mentor Position:
Ph.D. Student




Project Description:

The Wasatch Mountains (WM) are a stronghold for wildlife but contain the most highly recreated National Forests in the country. There is a lack of research into how wildlife are affected by human recreation, and this hampers conservation action, especially in the WM’s. This project looks to bridge that gap by asking: In a rapidly urbanizing world, what are the relationships between varying human influence, particularly recreational activities, and how wildlife behave, adapt, and move through their environment?

Opportunity Type:

Volunteer; This is a work-study research position

Student Role:

Students will be asked to perform the following tasks: fieldwork (setting up and maintaining trail cameras), data entry (identifying species in photos), and data analysis.

Student Benefits:

Students will gain fieldwork experience, which is essential to working in conservation biology. Students will also learn how field data is gathered, entered, and analyzed.

Project Duration:

This project is scheduled to last from 2018 - 2022. Hourly commitment is flexible, ranging from 1-10 hours/week.

Minimum Requirements:

Students interested in taking the lab for credit will need wildlife experience. Most students will be asked to volunteer before taking the lab for credit.