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Xuming Wang

Title: Research Professor
College: Mines & Earth Sciences
School / Department: Materials Science & Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

 Research interesting in mineral processing and coal preparation; flotation separations; Surface chemistry; Particle/particle interaction and particle/bubble interaction; Flotation chemistry of industrial minerals and fossil energy minerals; Spectroscopic characterization of interfacial water and surfactant adsorptions using SFG spectroscopy, FTIR, and AFM; R&D on all-solid-state lithium battery.

Mentor Philosophy

The first thing is to develop a relationship founded on mutual respect. I understand that the skills student learned are not only for their present work but also for their future careers. Therefore, I will involve in student’s skill development. I will first discuss student’s interests, the type of work they want to do, and their future goals. Let student know what necessary skills need to be developed. I will continuously encourage student’s independence. In order to provide enough guidance, I will have project meeting with student every week to develop the research plan, experimental procedure and discuss the experimental data. I will be available to answer their questions.