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Thomas Reichler

Title: Associate Professor
College: Mines & Earth Sciences
School / Department: Atmospheric Sciences
Mentoring Philosophy:

The Climate Research Group at the University of Utah is interested in the general circulation of the atmosphere and large-scale climate variability. We are primarily interested in processes that have global impacts, large spatial scales, and relatively long time scales (weeks and longer). The group analyzes simple and complex models and also observational records to study how the atmospheric circulation responds to climate change and how the components of the climate (e.g., stratosphere, troposphere, sea ice, ocean) interact with each other. Current areas of focus include stratosphere-troposphere interactions, the poleward expansion of the general circulation, and decadal scale variations in climate. Our research helps to improve the predictability of weather on weekly to monthly time scales and the certainty of future climate predictions.

Our goal is to contribute to a better understanding of human impacts on our atmospheric environment and to improve predictions of natural and man-made climate variations on all time scales. [Link]