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Thomas Henderson

Title: Professor
College: Engineering
School / Department: School of Computing
Mentoring Philosophy:
The long range goals of my research are to contribute to the understanding of human intelligence and to participate in the development of intelligent machine systems. My goal is to explore autonomous syems in three main areas: (1) Biosystems (Individual neuron simulation,Neural assembly simulation, Complete neural system simulation, Biosystem mechanisms), & (2) Software Systems (Information retrieval, Image analysis and retrieval, Net roamers and data collectors, Security systems. The issues involved in these studies include: Autonomy, Learning, Performance, Distributed Systems, Embedded Systems, and Computational Models. My short range research goals are to: (1) Implement Computational Sensor Networks in distributed hardware, (2) Explore reaction-diffusion systems as a self-organizing and adaptive computational paradigm, and (3) Develop parallel adaptive mesh refinement and load balancing algorithms.