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Teresa DeAtley

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
Mentoring Philosophy:

I believe that mentoring is an essential aspect of teaching and students can gain invaluable experience by doing research and engaging
with current day challenges in public health. Research mentorship is often overlooked at the undergraduate level, and it is my goal to provide hands-on training doing public health research as a mentor in this program. It is my goal to facilitate ways a REACH U2 scholar can think about, conduct and analyze qualitative and quantitative data within a larger socio-political context by thinking about ways they can disseminate their work. It is my hope that in addition to developing hard skills for the REACH U2 scholar, I will also work with them to help them develop their own distinct research interests and explore ways they can pursue that moving forward either professionally or through higher education. At the start of the summer, I will work with the scholar to develop a detailed training plan and 6meline based on the skills and goals the student is interested in developing. I will ensure that I am available to meet with the REACH U2 scholar weekly or more, as needed, to ensure that the most is made of their research experience. I will provide training resources for programming packages where relevant. I will also review research outputs and provide feedback (on results, a poster or abstract) and discuss questions as they arise.


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