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Shreya Goel

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Pharmacy
School / Department: Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Mentoring Philosophy:

We develop and implement advanced multimodal molecular imaging and nanobioengineering tools to refine the way we visualize, treat and manage cancer and other diseases. We apply multiscale imaging technologies to 1) quantitatively visualize the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of nano- and macromolecular therapies to better understand their in vivo interactions, and, 2) develop predictive and pharmacodynamic cues to improve treatment outcomes through a personalized diagnostic approach.

Mentoring Philosophy

My mentoring philosophy is based on effective communication, scientific excellence and integrity, and creating an inclusive and diverse environment to foster a collegial and collaborative space for all lab members. I believe that an effective mentor provides resources and background to the students to pursue and conduct their research. But more importantly, they provide the students the freedom to ask questions, and the tools and guidance to seek answers to those questions. My responsibility is to provide my mentees as many opportunities as possible, for them to pursue and excel in their scientific and professional goals. I provide one-on-one mentoring to my students that is tailored to their individual personalities, preferences, intellectual and professional goals. I meet with the students once weekly on an individual basis. We have biweekly lab meetings where everyone is encouraged to present their progress in a friendly setting. This not only provides the students with universal professional skills like critical thinking, oral and written presentation and public speaking, but also encourages them to think beyond their individual projects through exposure to diverse research areas. I maintain long-lasting professional relationships with my mentees and continue to support and advocate for them as they navigate their careers, even after transition to different institutions, industries, or even countries.