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Shahrzad Roshankhah

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Engineering
School / Department: Civil And Environmental Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

The overarching goal of my research is to advance the scientific understanding of complex solid-fluid interactions in processes that involve extreme conditions in geological porous materials. These conditions include, for example, high stresses, high temperatures, high fluid pressures, various loading rates, heterogeneous internal structure, unconventional fluid characteristics (viscous, heavy, reactive), and soluble solid components. The enhanced understanding will help us to analyze and design the key geo-energy infrastructure systems towards higher efficiency, less environmental impact, and higher adaptation to evolving environmental stressors. Examples of these systems are unconventional fossil energy systems (e.g., shale gas and oil, heavy oil), renewable energy systems (e.g., shallow and deep geothermal energy systems), and geological storage of energy and waste (e.g., solar heat storage, CO2, and nuclear waste disposal). I am interested in engineering these systems because of their tremendous societal impacts, including higher life quality and the environmental health.