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Sara Grineski

Title: Professor
College: Social & Behavioral Science
School / Department: Sociology
Mentoring Philosophy:

I am a sociologist with training in geography who works on health and environment research. I use a variety of methods to address research questions of interest. My research expertise and contributions fall into several areas • Incorporating Health Outcomes into Environmental Justice (EJ) Research • Intra-ethnic Inequalities • Advancing EJ Methods • Broadening the Scope of EJ Research • Socioenvironmental Disparities in Asthma • Undergraduate Research and Mentoring

The student will be mentored by a team of mentors who share a similar mentoring philosophy. We center hands-on guidance, in-depth written feedback on academic writing, regular in-person contact through weekly meetings, and positive encouragement throughout the research process. The student should expect prompt responses from us. At the start of the summer, the student will create an individual development plan (IDP). After the student has reflected on their strengths, goals, and areas for improvement, we will meet to talk through the IDP and craft goals for the summer and the next academic year. At the end of the summer, we will revisit the IDP with the student and discuss plans for seeing the research through to publication. We have a strong track-record of mentoring undergraduate students in publishing research and plan to continue that with this student. If the student is interested in graduate school, we can help to prepare the undergraduate student for success at the doctoral level. This involves traditional research mentoring, along with coaching regarding selecting potential programs, contacting potential advisors, preparing a short CV, writing a statement of purpose, visiting programs, and negotiating for funding offers.


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