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Roseanne Warren

Title: Faculty
College: Engineering
School / Department: Mechanical Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

The undergraduate researcher will be jointly mentored by Professor Roseanne Warren (Department of Mechanical Engineering) and Emeritus Professor Joe Marotta (Department of Art & Art History). The student will meet with Warren and/or Marotta on a regular basis throughout the summer.

Prof. Warren's first research experience was as an undergraduate student, and she strongly believes in the formative nature of this opportunity. Warren has mentored 17 undergraduate students during her six years as a faculty member. Many of these students have gone on to graduate school; three published journal articles as a first and/or second author. Warren believes that undergraduate researchers should be exposed to as many different aspects of research as possible. She encourages undergraduates to get to know the graduate students in the group, and observe experiments outside of their immediate project tasks. This includes work from Warren's group taking place in the University of Utah Nanofab and Electron Microscopy & Surface Analysis Lab.

Prof. Marotta started the photography emphasis in the Art and Art History Dept. in 1978 and was the head of the photography emphasis from1978 to 2014. As area head he guided curriculum development for digital and film based courses, counseling students, repairing and maintaining equipment, facility expansion, and scheduling darkroom and studio use. He has chaired one to two graduate student committees per year, as well as working with numerous graduate and undergraduate students independently and through courses.