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Rhonda Nelson

Title: Assistant Professor
College: Health
School / Department: Occupational and Recreational Therapies
Mentoring Philosophy:

My research focuses on the use of recreation-based interventions for health promotion and rehabilitation. I am the founder and director of the Recreational Therapy Research and Training Lab that aims to bring together faculty, students, clinicians/practitioners, and clients/patients on research projects. As such, most of my research is conducted in collaboration with community partners/local healthcare agencies.

I am an experienced research mentor who enjoys working with undergraduate students. My aim is to support the student in their professional and personal development through diverse learning experiences. Students are viewed as a valued contributor and member of the research team. As a mentor, I aim to challenge students to learn new skills while ensuring adequate instruction and supports are in place for success.

For this project, students will meet with me weekly to review their responsibilities and report on progress. This is also focused time for the student to ask questions and seek guidance, as needed. The student will be encouraged to reflect critically on their experiences and apply learning to other contexts. Additional meetings and communications are always available, as needed.

The student assigned to this project will also meet with other members of the research team and benefit from interactions with project staff employed at the assisted living facility. While this ensures adequate supervision and support, the student will be challenged to function as independently as possible.