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Priyank Kalla

Title: Professor
College: Engineering
School / Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mentoring Philosophy:

My area of work is related to automated synthesis and optimization, validation and verification of digital VLSI systems:

  • Formal Verification of Hardware Implementations of Cryptography Primitives
    • Verification over Galois Fields using Computer Algebra and Algebraic Geometry
    • Canonical Word-Level Polynomial Abstractions of Bit-Vector Arithmetic using Groebner Bases
  • Application of Finite Ring Algebra to Synthesis and Verification of Arithmetic Datapaths with Finite Word-Length Operands:
    • Modeling Bit-Vector Arithmetic as Polynomial Functions over Finite Integer Rings
    • Decision Procedures based on Algorithmic Analysis of Polynomial Ideals and their Varieties
  • Design Automation for Optic/Photonic Logic
    • Logic Design and Synthesis in Si-Photonics
    • Physical Design Automation for Si-Photonics Integration
    • Thermal issues in Si-Photonics Design Automation
  • Formal Verification of RTL descriptions
    • Equivalence Checks, RTL-Satisfiability, Assertion Checking.
  • New Techniques to Guide CNF-SAT Search:
    • Static and Dynamic Variable Orderings, Constraint Partitioning
    • Proving UNSAT by Directly Searching for UNSAT Cores.
  • Using Groebner's Proof Systems for Simplification of Design Verification and SAT solving.