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Micah Drummond

Title: Professor
College: Health
School / Department: Physical Therapy & Athletic Training
Mentoring Philosophy:

We are interested in understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of muscle growth and metabolic function in healthy and mobility-impaired older adults.

We also develop novel exercise and nutritional strategies to improve muscle, metabolic and physical function deficits in older adults' recovery during rehabilitation.

Aging is a process of physiological and functional decline accelerated by a physically inactive lifestyle. Physically inactive older adults are at risk for developing metabolic disease (insulin resistance, glucose intolerance) and loss of muscle mass resulting in a poor quality of life and loss of physical independence.

Research Projects

  • Cellular & Molecular Mechanisms

    Understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms of skeletal muscle growth and metabolic function in aging muscle.
  • Therapeutic Tools

    Utilizing therapeutic tools (nutritional, contractile analogs, pharmacological) to limit muscle and metabolic deficits that occur with physical inactivity in aged muscle.