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Mia Hashibe

Title: Professor
College: Medicine
School / Department: Family & Preventive Medicine
Mentoring Philosophy:

Dr. Hashibe is the Chair of the Research Mentor Program for junior faculty in her department at the University of Utah (Department of Family and Preventive Medicine). The program provides formalized matching of mentor/mentee, planning of quarterly one-to-one mentoring with mentor tools, peer mentoring across the four divisions, and mentor/mentee training. She has mentored 8 postdoctoral fellows, all of whom hold faculty or research scientist positions at universities such as UCLA, National Taiwan University, Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai and the University of Maryland. She currently mentors two postdoctoral fellows and three junior faculty members. Dr. Hashibe will work with the participating student to understand their goals and develop a plan to help them achieve those goals. Dr. Hashibe will meet bi-weekly with the student to review results and how things are going. The student will work closely with Dr. Hashibe’s team of highly skilled researchers and professionals; they will have the opportunity of becoming an integrated team member of this research team.