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Matthew Fry

Title: Associate Professor
College: Social & Behavioral Science
School / Department: Geography
Mentoring Philosophy:

Mentoring is a two-way street and I expect to learn from mentees in addition to providing mentorship. For collaborative research with students, I provide guidance, help to establish deadlines, provide feedback, and articulate goals. My door is always open. In return, I expect students to come prepared to meetings, ask productive questions, be flexible and innovative, be open to criticism, and follow through on commitments. This research is a team project involving the student researcher, myself, and a graduate student. I have learned that research teams are successful when everyone contributes, when all opinions and ideas carry equal weight, and when everyone is excited about what we're doing. This means we all work hard to meet our commitments, we read and prepare a lot, and we ask a lot questions, but we also smile, laugh, and share with one another. I like being on teams that make everyone feel included, appreciated, and important. Students I have worked with in the past have won poster and presentation awards at academic conferences, some received research funding, and many have gone on to successful graduate and professional careers. My mentoring doesn't end with the project, and I continue to encourage, support, and write recommendation letters for my students long after they graduate.