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Lindsay Gezinski

Title: Associate Professor
College: Social Work
School / Department: Social Work
Mentoring Philosophy:

My mentoring philosophy revolves around fostering a reciprocal and collaborative partnership with students. I believe in providing students with autonomy to explore ideas and practice skills while offering guidance and consultation when needed. This approach promotes a sense of ownership and encourages students to take charge of their learning journey. To facilitate this, I prioritize regular weekly or biweekly meetings with students, where we engage in open discussions. During these meetings, students have the freedom to identify areas for personal growth and skill development. I focus on recognizing and enhancing student strengths while also addressing areas for improvement, creating a balanced approach to mentorship.

In our interactions, I emphasize setting clear goals and providing constructive feedback, ensuring that students have a structured path forward. Rather than adopting an authoritarian role, I encourage open dialogue and collaborative exploration of research ideas. This approach not only empowers students but also informs project directions and tasks based on their interests and strengths. Furthermore, my commitment to mentorship is evident in my publications, with over half of them including student co-authors. This underscores my dedication to nurturing the next generation of scholars, providing them with valuable hands-on experience and opportunities for growth. In summary, my mentoring philosophy is characterized by a student-centered and collaborative approach. It revolves around autonomy, goal-setting, constructive feedback, and open dialogue, all aimed at empowering students to excel in their academic and research pursuits.