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Leif Anderson

Title: Research Assistant Professor
College: Mines & Earth Sciences
School / Department: Geology and Geophysics
Mentoring Philosophy:

My primary goal is to empower my mentee. The student and I will design their summer program together. We will develop an empathetic and failure tolerant space that encourages creativity and humanizes the research process. I will encourage the student to develop a growth mindset by providing examples of how I overcame my own struggles and failures as a young scholar.

I will meet with the student two times a week for skill and relationship development. These interactions will allow me to elicit feedback from the student and adjust the program as needed.

I will teach the student how to digitize ancient glacier outlines and help them hone their ability to read satellite imagery, digital elevation models, and other remote sensing data products. If desired by the student, I will gently introduce the student to coding.

If field work is desired by the student, I will accompany them at least four times in the field. One major barrier for underrepresented groups to engage in field work is the lack of access to personal equipment (like rain jackets or hiking boots). If new gear is needed, I will seek funds to mitigate this point of inequality.

I will connect the student with other undergraduates so they can work collaboratively and engage in peer-to-peer learning. I will help the student build relationships with faculty in Geology and Geophysics (e.g., Professor Jeff Moore and Dr. Scott Miller). They will also meet researchers from the United States Geological Survey (Dr. Matthew Morris) who can help them in this project and future endeavors.